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Nierman CE+ Features

Online Cross-Coding CE

Learn how to cross-code from dental to medical insurance and receive reimbursement for sleep apnea, TMD, oral surgeries, bone grafts, frenectomies, and more.

Learn from Rose Nierman

Become an NPM certified cross-coder through icon Rose Nierman, the leading educator who pioneered medical billing in dentistry and has led the cross-coding movement for over 3 decades.

Interactive Training

Test your knowledge through quizzes, get your questions answered in chapter discussions, and participate in live cross-coder Q&A webinars.

The Complete Cross-Coder:

A comprehensive & interactive online medical billing in dentistry course series. 


Rose Nierman

Rose Nierman is the founder and CEO of Nierman Practice Management, the leading company dedicated to providing medical billing, sleep medicine, and TMD solutions for dental practices.

A pioneer in the field of cross-coding and medical billing in dentistry, Rose was the first person to esablish a repeatable system to help dental practices get paid by medical insurance and implement dental sleep medicine and TMD services.

Today, Rose is a cross-coding and medical billing icon that has helped thousands of dental practices throughout the United States how to implement dental-to-medical billing.

Meet Rose

Join the Cross-Coding Movement

Become a Nierman Practice Management Level 1 Certified Cross-Coder and help your patients receive medical reimbursement for dental sleep medicine, TMD, and oral surgeries.

Benefits of Becoming
a Cross-Coder

  • Add new revenue streams
  • Differentiate your practice
  • Increase case acceptance
  • Expand your services offered
  • Help more patients get treatment
  • Receive more patient and provider referrals


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