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Online Cross-Coding CE

Learn how to cross-code from dental to medical insurance and receive reimbursement for sleep apnea, TMD, oral surgeries, bone grafts, frenectomies, and more.

Learn from Rose Nierman

Become an NPM certified cross-coder through icon Rose Nierman, the leading educator who pioneered medical billing in dentistry and has led the cross-coding movement for over 3 decades.

Interactive Training

Test your knowledge through quizzes, get your questions answered in chapter discussions, and participate in live cross-coder Q&A webinars.

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Rose Nierman

Rose Nierman is the founder and CEO of Nierman Practice Management, the leading company dedicated to providing medical billing, sleep medicine, and TMD solutions for dental practices.

A pioneer in the field of cross-coding and medical billing in dentistry, Rose was the first person to esablish a repeatable system to help dental practices get paid by medical insurance and implement dental sleep medicine and TMD services.

Today, Rose is a cross-coding and medical billing icon that has helped thousands of dental practices throughout the United States how to implement dental-to-medical billing.

Meet Rose

Join the Cross-Coding Movement

Become a Nierman Practice Management Level 1 Certified Cross-Coder and help your patients receive medical reimbursement for dental sleep medicine, TMD, and oral surgeries.

Benefits of Becoming
a Cross-Coder

  • Add new revenue streams
  • Differentiate your practice
  • Increase case acceptance
  • Expand your services offered
  • Help more patients get treatment
  • Receive more patient and provider referrals


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